AI Bingo



Participants in this bingo game are given bingo sheet with various AI systems (e.g., "Gotten a weather forecast from a website or used a weather app". Participants find a partner who has also used that AI system and together work to identify what prediction the system is making and the dataset it uses. 



  • [One per participant, and one for the educator] Printout of Bingo sheet; For educator: Filled out Bingo sheet
  • Projector and projection screen
  • [One per participant] Pens or pencils



  • To introduce the game, you may find using this slide deck explaing the three elements of the game — dataset, learning algorithm, and prediction — helpful.


Original title:AI Bingo
Estimated time:20-40 minutes
Individually or in group:The game has to be played in a group.
License:This tool is part of a curriculum. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Middle School Students was created by Blakeley H. Payne with support from the MIT Media Lab Personal Robots Group, directed by Cynthia Breazeal. The curriculum is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license. For more information, please visit the curriculum.


Individualmente o en grupo 
En grupo
Fecha de publicación 
July, 2022